Golden Jubilee

The Greater London Area opened the Golden Anniversary year of The Arts Society in January with events at the Goldsmith's Hall, St.Paul's Cathedral, the British Museum and  the National Gallery, showing the diversity of activities we have to offer. 

The rest of the year is no less exciting...

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Golden study days are....

--The Golden Sands of Egypt  11th September

--A Golden Era; Edward Burne-Jones and the last Pre-Raphaelites.. October 22nd

--All that Glitters is not Gold... 2nd November

--the Golden Age of Spanish Art   20th November

Of course there are other study days...look at 'Courses and Events'



The area will be joining with the entire Arts Society on the weekend of 22nd of September ---"Our True Gold"

...our contribution will be a day at Bridewell Hall with John Benjamin, a jewellery expert talking on "Faberge";  Dr Jonathan Foyle an art historian on "Gold, Monarchy and Power";  and Malcolm Jones with "Golden Moments on the Stage!"

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​or e-mail; susanbranfield